At TrenLot, we believe in making easy to use tools that get the job done right—life on the job is complicated enough. We simplify interactive workflow and dynamic project management so you can get more work done from your office and the field.

If you’re a contractor with crews or teams, CrewBuilder is the product for you!

TrenLot provides software products to construction companies focused on making it easier to run your business by automating accountability and profitability.

At TrenLot, we believe it’s our job to adapt to how your business runs by providing the tools that manage how work gets done, not the other way around. We enable you to bring the office to the field on every job, reducing errors with clear communications and interactive workorder management.

CrewBuilder simplifies team and crew management with an innovative collaborative scheduling tools where managers work together scheduling crews. We provide a Union worker compliant time card system where employees can validate their approved work time daily and weekly.

TrenLot tracks project profitability in real time so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to figure out if your making money or not. Remove the guesswork and create future bids based on profitable projects.

Our security technology ensures data integrity and validation on contractual agreements for streamlined business continuity. This enables fast transactions that automatically generate an auditable digital history in the event there is a business or legal need in the future. We’ve got you covered.

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