Automating Accountability & Profitability

TrenLot provides software to construction companies focused on making it easier to run their business and increase accountability and profitability. We simplify team and crew management with an innovative collaborative scheduling tools where managers simultaneously work together scheduling crews.

If you’re a contractor with crews, CrewBuilder is the product for you!

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TrenLot tracks project profitability in real time so you don’t have to.

How does TrenLot help you make money?

  • Save Time
  • Manage Crews and Teams More Effectively
  • Streamline Workorder Management
  • Bring the Office and Field Closer Together
  • Make Better Decisions with Detailed Project Profitability Metrics
  • Increase Effective Communications
  • Reduce Errors
  • Create Record of Work Evidence
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Risk of Ransomware
  • Reduce Time Card Management Costs

TrenLot’s CrewBuilder is an easy to use application that gets the job done right—the first time. Use CrewBuilder and the Job Board for a collaborative area where people and resources are scheduled with workorders.  To assign any workorder to a team, just drag and drop it in the assigned teams area on the time you want them to start working.

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CrewBuilder adapts to how your business runs by providing the tools that manage how work gets done. Our application simplifies project management and execution. CrewBuilder enables you to easily create workorders and tasks and assign them to crews and teams.

We enable you to bring the office to the field on every job, reducing errors with clear communications and interactive workorder management. Remove the guesswork and create future bids based on profitable projects. Our security technology ensures data integrity and validation on contractual agreements for streamlined business continuity.

This enables fast transactions that automatically generate an auditable history in the event there is a business or legal need in the future. We’ve got you covered.

Conduit Features:

  • Create work orders
  • Help Tutorials
  • Time-Cards and time-sheets
  • Union Friendly Timecards
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Workflow Creation
  • Reporting
  • Live Chat
  • Dashboard Business Health
  • Crew Safety Checks
  • Job File Management
  • Excel Integration
  • Bid Creation and Management
  • One Click Uploads with Excel
  • Document Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Job Site Documentation with Images and Video
  • Create Alerts and Alarms, Create Custom Thresholds Critical to Your Business
  • Custom Dashboard Metrics
  • Manage Multiple Divisions with Secure Partitioning
  • Send Work Orders to External Contractors, Completion Validation with Documentation
  • Budget Tracking, Compare Real Time Hours Billed Per Job, Task, Or as A Whole
  • Direct Contractor Communication Documentation with External Contractors

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